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The end of June marked the third consecutive month where new car registrations failed to equal last year’s figures, although June’s grand total of 243,545 still exceeded the number of cars registered in May by some 57,000.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), doesn’t believe there’s any reason for concern, though. He said: “demand for new cars has started to cool following five consecutive years of solid growth, but the numbers are still strong and the first half of the year is the second-biggest on record”.

New car registrations have been forecast to gradually slow down, and April’s changes to vehicle excise duty (VED) rules look to have further depressed figures for May and June. Additionally, uncertainty surrounding Brexit is thought to have had an effect on new car take-up in the year to date. Despite an overall decline, though, a healthy 1.4 million new cars have been sold in 2017 so far.

Used Cars for Sale Abbey Wood London

One notable trend is that the market for alternative-fuel cars continues to grow. Demand increased by 29% in June, with 10,721 sold in all, a market share of 4.4%. It seems that many previous diesel devotees have moved towards electric, hybrid or petrol cars – 14.7% fewer buyers chose a diesel car last month than in June 2016, while petrol car sales saw a 2.5% increase.

Smaller petrol-powered cars took the lion’s share of the market – around 60% of all cars sold were superminis like the Ford Fiesta, which, for the first time since 2014, was overtaken in popularity by the Volkswagen Golf for a month, although the Ford is still by far the best-selling car this year so far.

Meanwhile, the continuing popularity of cars like the Nissan Qashqai has seen the SUV class continue to grow – 11.3% more customers have given an off-road-styled car a home this year than last, a statistic supported by Land Rover’s 2.2% increase in market share.

Used Cars for Sale Volkswagen Golf hatchback Abbey Wood London

Volkswagen Golf hatchback
The upmarket Volkswagen Golf deserves to be as popular as it is. Few models have such a classy image, meaning they fit right in whether you’re parked at the local football club or a posh country club. Estate and convertible models are available, but most choose a three or five-door hatchback. There are versions that’ll return almost 90mpg and performance models like the Golf GTI and Golf R that are capable of delivering sports-car thrills. Whichever Golf you choose, you’ll find it well built, comfortable, safe and fun to drive. The Golf range is well equipped, too: air-con, Bluetooth, DAB digital radio and a dashboard-mounted touchscreen are all standard.used cars for sale.

Key points

4.5 / 5


£17,765 – £27,295

Used Cars for Sale Ford Fiesta hatchback (2008-2017)

Ford Fiesta hatchback (2008-2017)
The current Fiesta went on sale in 2008, with a facelift surfacing in late 2013, and while the all-new 2017 Fiesta has just arrived, the previous model has dominated the best-seller chart more than any other car. It’s not hard to see why: the Fiesta is handsome inside and out, well built and comfortable. But it’s how the car drives that really sets it apart – it offers a fun driving experience that’s close to some so-called sports cars. It’s safe, too, with a full five-star crash-test rating, while the most economical models can top 85mpg and emit so little CO2 that road tax is free. At the other end of the scale is the Fiesta ST, which is our favourite small hot hatchback. With a range like that, there’s something for everyone. used cars for sale.

Key points

3.8 / 5

Used Cars for Sale Ford Focus hatchback Abbey Wood London

Ford Focus hatchback
Revisions to the Ford Focus last year have helped this family car maintain a strong following among UK car buyers. The current version features more eye-catching styling that makes it look more upmarket than before. It still boasts a wide choice of engines, ranging from the excellent 1.0-litre EcoBoost to the powerful 2.0-litre petrol in the Focus ST performance model. No changes were needed under the metal, because the Focus is as good to drive as it ever was. Buyers will spot some differences inside, though, as it’s now fitted with Ford’s SYNC 2 infotainment system, with voice recognition and the ability to read out text messages. Plus, there are fewer buttons on the dashboard, making this equipment easier to operate than before.used cars for sale.

Key points

4.2 / 5


£19,635 – £26,845

Used Cars for Sale Vauxhall Astra hatchback Abbey Wood London

Vauxhall Astra hatchback
The Vauxhall Astra has always been a big seller, and this latest version is a major improvement over any of the previous iterations. It’s good value for money, stylish, good-to-drive and practical, while the excellent range of petrol and diesel engines are both powerful and cheap to run, too. Our pick of the petrols is the 104bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder which is a strong performer, but still emits less than 100g/km of CO2, making it free to tax. If you’re a business user, or a private buyer who does loads of miles, then a diesel will likely tickle your fancy and in this regard, we recommend the 109bhp 1.6-litre, which is the most efficient in the range. It’ll return nearly 80mpg and CO2 emissions are rated at just 94g/km. This means no road tax and a BiK rating of just 16% – impressive for what isn’t a small car. used cars for sale.

Key points

4.8 / 5


£16,535 – £25,240

Used Cars for Sale MINI hatchback Abbey Wood London

MINI hatchback
The MINI needs no introduction – its recognizable and iconic status makes it a natural choice as a promotional car and you see a great many bearing advertising liveries for urban businesses. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful if it wasn’t for its loveable retro appeal, which means the MINI is desired by drivers of all ages and budgets. The range is wider than ever, with petrol engines that range from 103 to 210bhp, while the 1.5-litre diesel can return up to 83mpg. Strong resale values mean finance options can look very appealing, too, while frequent special-edition models can represent very good value. used cars for sale.

Key points

3.8 / 5


£14,620 – £24,290

Used Cars for Sale Vauxhall Corsa hatchback Abbey Wood London